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Oak City Go is our faithful response to God's call to our church to this specific task during this season. The effect of Oak City Go will be to make new disciples in the Raleigh area and across the world, and to mature the disciples at Oak City Church.

We are:

  • Each praying specifically for 3 individuals or families we have been sent to
  • Praying that God would double the size of our church by Easter of 2017 from the people we are praying for
  • Raising $100,000 for specific projects to make disciples internationally through our ministry partners



In early 2017, SuNica plans to begin construction of a Recreation Center in the community of El Limonal in Chinandega, Nicaragua.

This is a community where SuNica has been at work since 2010. Even as the kids that they serve begin to believe the gospel they are still faced with a systemic evil that is constantly working against a full and abundant life. This rec center would be the first building of it’s kind in this community. It will be a place where the kids of El Limonal can come every day to play in a safe environment, hear the gospel over and over again, and be encouraged to live it out in their local context.


Dynamic Water seeks to change lives by providing local access to clean water to communities in need. Dynamic Water’s founder, Shannon Smith, a member of Oak City Church, was motivated by his faith to help meet the physical needs of the extreme poor. Dynamic Water partners with in country organizations, who have clean water as a part of their mission. Then, advocates for and helps fund projects through those organizations.

Through Oak City Go, Dynamic Water will help fund a clean water project in San Carlos, Nicaragua and will fund multiple projects in Orissa, India. These projects will provide clean water to the communities to meet their physical needs and will provide SuNica and GHI a better opportunity to introduce the communities to the Living Water.


Global Hope India believes every person in India should have the opportunity to hear, see and experience the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We empower the local church in India through leader development, child development and village development.

In 2016, GHI started a small business training program and micro finance fund for pastors that are struggling to provide for their family while serving in the village church. The program equips and funds the pastor to start a small family-operated business, allowing them to not only continue to work as a pastor, but also provide financially for their family. Through Oak City Go, GHI will fund twenty more startup businesses in rural Orissa.



Wells Drilled

Pastors Funded



Everyone calls me ‘Mama’ and I am born again...

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"The lines are long," she said. "Sometimes I have to wait up to three hours"....

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A prerequisite to understanding the gospel is acknowledging that you’re screwed up...

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Alejandro says that the Salinas discipleship team is his family, and he feels like love is everywhere...

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In March of 2016, Global Hope India held its first small business training....

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Goat Farmer

Pastor Tandi is the pastor of a church in a small village in rural Orissa...

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India Craft Day

A Sunday afternoon of crafts for all ages. Bring your own crafts or do one of ours. Perfect for inviting the neighbors to. India themed craft kits and snacks will be available for purchase.

Oak City Church
Late Summer - Date TBA

The Oak City Go Race

Oak City Church in partnership with SuNica are inviting the entire city for 2-lap, spectator friendly race. This will be a legit 5k complete with Kid’s Fun Run and a blow-up obstacle course finish. We’ll cap it off with food, beverages, and lots of fun for the kids.

Lyon’s Park
November 12, 2016


Oak City Middle School and High School

Our youth will be returning to Nicaragua to work with the Sunica team. Pray for them that they will be a blessing to the kids in Nicaragua.



Oak City Church will be returning to India to work with one of our partners in Orissa. We'll be doing a number of projects at an orphanage and in villages with local pastors. Click here for more information.

Orissa, India
Feb 24 - Mar 5, 2017